Paderborn2013Location: Paderborn, Germany

About the Event
Returning for the 16th year, the Paderborn BBQ Skateboard Contest is one o the biggest events in the freestyle calendar. Having hosted the World Championships in 2013, the event has a long standing history within the freestyle community and has seen many World Champions over the years

Professional Results

1. Sebastian Heupel
2. Gunter Mokulys
3. Zoltan Türi
4. Christian Heise
4. Marco Sassi
6. Albert Kuncz
7. Mario Steinemann
8. Maxe Jeblick
9. Pierre (Woita) Andre
10. Stefan Albert

Amateur Results

1. Felix Jonnson
2. Robert Wagner
3. Paul Brunninkhuis
4. Erwin Schuijtvlot
5. Andy Timmreck
6. Danny Klahold
7. Lucas Berres
8. Horand Thonges
9. Peter Aus Koblenz

Legends Results

1. Joachim Jojo Schulz
2. Eli
3. Birger Walkenhorst



Freestyle Rocket goes to Paderporn

Sebastian Heupel’s 1st place run (Professional)

Felix Jonnson’s 1st place run (Amateur)

All contest runs on Erwin Shuvit’s YouTube Channel