Oceanside Skateboard Contest 1976Location: Oceanside, California, USA

Event Information

This was the second annual amateur freestyle contest hosted in Oceanside, hosted by the Parks and Recreation Department, which took place on July 11th. The event was officiated and announced by professionals from the area and overseen by the Pacific Skateboard Association officiate.

Results (Age Group 16 and Over)

1. Jim Weldon
2. Benny Gavin
3. Bob Hull
4. Tim Hampton
5. Paul Counts
5. Lee Guerrera

Results (Age Group 13-15 years)

1. Mike Cantu
2. Gary Payea
3. Richie Roberts
4. Dan Yarbrough
5. Garret Chick

Results (Age Group 8-12 years)

1. Randy Godinet
2. Louas Kreslie
3. Tony Mosoquede
4. Jody Pattinson
5. Tod Adam

Results (Age Group 7 and under)

1. Ty Keith
2. Andrew Henderson
3. Jason Danier
4. Danny Sloan
5. Kelly Marks

Results (Open Class Ages 16 and Over)

1. Jerry Pattison
2. David Paul
3. Gunner Havago

Results (Age Group 13-15 years)

1. Jim Akin
2. Kevin Kelly
3. Randy Travers

Results (Open Class Girls)

1. Kim Milburn
2. Diane Patterson
3. Lynette Fraas

Results (Most Difficult Trick)

1. Jerry Patison (one armed handstand)


Contest results and information in National Skateboard Review magazine


Many thanks to Jim Weldon for providing these results and event information.