oceanside freestyle skateboarding contestLocation: Oceanside, California, USA

Event Information

This was one of Keith Butterfield’s first professional contests after dominating the amateur contest scene, completely opening up the amateur contest. Inexplicably, the event also featured a bikini contest, which Diane Veerman (Desiderio) won. When it came time for the professional contest finals, it had begun to rain, so the event was called off and settled using the riders qualifying runs, leading to a very unexpected result that left a lot of the freestylers unhappy and questioning their routines.

Results (Professional)

1. Shane Rouse
1. Keith Butterfield
3. Primo Desiderio
4. Kevin Harris
5. Per Welinder
6. Larry Barden
7. Per Holknekt
8. James Barden
9. Tim Scroggs
10. Denny Franklin
11. Mike Foster
12. Fred Flavell
13. Paul Hoffman
14. Tony Magnusson
15. Tony Hawk

Results (Amateur)

1. Ray Gardea
2. Adrian Demain
3. Bob Schmelzer
4. Bill Scwartzbaugh
5. Pete Finlan
6. Jason Catalano
7. Eric Hilton
8. Henry Sarria
9. Joe Johnson
10. Don Sexton
11. Cam Bachynski
12. Doug Zynkowski
13. Matt Richards
14. Lance Betson
15. Anthony Sedillo
16. Ernie Ocampo

Results (Girls)

1. Diane Veerman
2. April Hoffman
3. Michelle Sanderson

Results (High Jump)

1. Per Holknekt (4’9″)
2. Shane Rouse (4’6″)
2. Steve Cosmo (4’6″)


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