Oceanside Freestyle Contest 1986 - Rodney MullenLocation: Oceanside, California, USA

Event Information

This event took place on July 19th and 20th 1985. There were 47 entrants into the amateur freestyle contest with 10 making the cut into the finals. The amateurs only skated one and a half minute runs. In the professional contest, all riders were given two 2 minute runs. The top ten riders qualified for the finals and were given a further two minute run. Matt Richards also competed in the professional freestyle event, performing his routine to the song “Tequilla” and dressed in Pee Wee Herman style attire.

Results (Professional)

1. Rodney Mullen
2. Kevin Harris
3. Per Welinder
4. Don Brown
5. Reggie Barnes
6. Bob Schmelzer
7. Shane Rouse
8. Primo Desiderio
9. Jim McCall
10. Ray Meyer

Results (Amateur)

1. Sean Coons
2. Lynn Cooper
3. Andrew Walton
4. Frank Messman
5. Tony Haworth
6. Tom St. John
7. Gunter Mokulys
8. Fabian Kravitz
9. Bali Sahata
10. Victor Starr


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Rodney Mullen’s 1st place run – Professional

Kevin Harris’ 2nd place run – Professional

Per Welinder’s 3rd place run – Professional

Don Brown’s 4th place run – Professional

Reggie Barnes’ 5th place run – Professional

Bob Schmelzer’s 6th place run – Professional

Shane Rouse’s 7th place run – Professional

Primo Desiderio’s 8th place run – Professional

Jim McCall’s 9th place run – Professional

Ray Meyer’s 10th place run – Professional