Oceanside Beachstyle 1985Location: Oceanside, California, USA

Event Information

This event was also known as NSA #6 and took place over a Summer weekend in California. Don Brown and Greg Smith tied for first place in the amateur contest. Diane Desiderio also competed in this contest, but her placing is not known.

Results (Professional)

1. Pierre André Senizergues
2. Kevin Harris
3. Primo Desiderio
4. Jean Marc Vaisette
5. Steve Rocco
6. Bob Schmelzer
7. Jason Catalano
8. Mike Foster

Results (Amateur)

1. Don Brown
1. Greg Smith
3. Fabian Kravetz
4. Andre Walton
5. Sean Coons
6. Ray Meyer
7. Eric Sanderson
8. Victor Starr


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Pierre AndrĂ© Senizergues’ 1st place run – Professional

Kevin Harris’ 2nd place run – Professional

Primo Desiderio’s 3rd place run – Professional

Jean Marc Vaisette’s 4th place run – Professional

Steve Rocco’s 5th place run – Professional

Bob Schmelzer’s 6th place run – Professional

Jason Catalano’s 7th place run – Professional

Diane Desiderio’s run