NSA Pro Freestyle Finals 1988Location: Phoenix, Arizona, USA

Event Information

This event took place on December 10th to 11th at the Pride Pavillion in Phoenix. There were 14 pro freestylers at the event. The NSA series winners for the year were crowned at this event, with Rodney Mullen taking the top spot, followed by Primo Desiderio and Per Welinder.

Results (Professional)

1. Rodney Mullen
2. Primo Desiderio
3. Per Welinder
4. Tim Morris
5. Kevin Harris
6. Don Brown
7. Reggie Barnes
8. Hans ‘Hazze’ Lindgren
9. Bill Robertson
10. Fabian Kravitz
11. Dave Cox
12. Lynn Cooper
13. Andrew Walton
14. Danny Riordon


Event results and article in Thrasher magazine