Huntington Beach Open - Rodney MullenLocation: Huntington Beach, USA

Event Information

This contest heralded Rodney Mullen’s triumphant return to competitive freestyle skateboarding and Bob Schmelzer’s first pro contest. After retiring the previous year, Rodney returned and picked up from where he left off, taking 1st place. In the battle for 2nd place, Bob Schmelzer and Steve Rocco scored equally and decided to settle the contest in a one-on-one parking lot showdown after dark. After wowing the judges with a flawless run, Bob Schmelzer took 2nd place.

Results (Professional)

1. Rodney Mullen
2. Bob Schmelzer
3. Steve Rocco
4. Primo Desiderio
5. Jason Catalino
6. Kevin Harris
7. Mike Foster
8. Per Holknekt

Results (Sponsored Amateur)

1. Ray Mayer
2. Andrew Walton
3. Lynn Cooper
4. Anthony Sedillo
5. Fabian Kravetz
6. Greg Smith
7. Dave Tucker
8. Sean Coons

Results (Open Amateur)

1. Tony Haworth
2. Henry Sarrio
3. Bali Sahota
4. Victor Starr
5. Marc Holstetter
6. Michelle Sanderson
7. Paul Sunmar
8. Bob Staton


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