NSA Amatuer Freestyle FinalsLocation: Atlanta, Georgia, USA

Event Information

This event took place between the 15th and 18th of August at Skate Zone Atlanta.

Results (Amateur)

1. Jason Baruch
2. Andre Commancho
3. Jack Jastrebski
4. Terry Synnott
5. Henry Candioti
6. Mike Rogers
7. Andy Schatschneider
8. Tim Wagner
9. Stephen A
10. Frank Lee
11. Chris Selders
12. Willy Sions
13. Josef “Moses” Itknonen
14. Jordan Richter
15. Jason Corbett
16. Colin McKay
16. Jimmy Liam
18. Steve Berra


Results in Thrasher Magazine


Jason Baruch’s 1st place run

Terry Synnott’s 4th place run

Henry Candioti’s 5th place run