Location: Bath, UK

Event Information

This event took place at the NASS Festival in July 2011. The weather remained nice throughout the weekend, however the event was held on the closing day of the event, so wasn’t highly spectated. Mike Vallely was also at the festival and spent some time with the freestylers. The event was judged on a rota system, with a mix of four different judges judging each run.

Results (Pro/Am)
1. Callum Bowran
1. John Hanson
3. Ryan Fitzpatrick
4. Simon Mrozinski
5. Scaife Gooch
6. Bob Renner
6. Matthew Smithies
8. Brad-Lee Nasey
9. Alex Foster
9. Mark Longman

Results (Best Trick)s

1. Brad-Lee Nasey – Ollie 360 Double Kickflip
2. Ryan Fitzpatrick – Crossfooted Impossible
3. Callum Bowran – Double Fingerflip to Rail, to 50/50 Pogo, Carousel



NASS UK Freestyle Championship 2011 Runs Playlist

NASS UK Freestyle Championship 2011 Rider Montage

NASS UK Freestyle Championship 2011 Contest Montage