Location: Methodist Home Skatepark, Charlotte, North Carolina, USA

Event Information

This event took place on May 15th 2004. At this point in time, the majority of freestyle skateboarding contests were taking place on the West Coast of America, so this contest aimed to attract a new array of freestylers.

Results (Freestyle Pro/Am)

1. Kyle Kiefer
2. Nathan Abplanalp
3. John Leathers
4. Scott Jones
5. John Sargent
6. Alan Benson
7. Chris price

Results (High jump)

1. Scott Jones
2. Nathan Abplanalp
3. Kyle Kiefer

Results (Game of Skate)

1. Scott Jones
2. John Leathers
3. Nathan Abplanalp
4. Kyle Kiefer

Results (Banked Best Trick)

1. Ray Goff
2. Josh
3. Nathan Abplanalp


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