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LateNews - Spring to Summer freestyle skateboarding news 2016This year the freestyle world has seen the return of many of its prominent forefathers back into the limelight; Per Welinder, Hazze Lindgren, Mac, Shane Rouse, Per Holknekt and many others have made appearances at jams and contests across the globe. The furthest reaching talking point however was the long-awaited return of Rodney Mullen, who released his first full-length video part since Almost Round 3.

Along with Mullen’s triumphant return, this summer has been further punctuated with a wealth of spectacular videos from the new generation of freestylers. It’s always great to remember where freestyle has come from and that we still have so much to learn from the past but it’s also amazing to know that this generation still has plenty more to give.

Rodney Mullen – Liminal

Inexplicably released on the Vogue YouTube channel, this video was just about everything we expected it to be; classic Mullen freestyle. A lot of familiar tricks and new combinations show us that Mullen is still a dominant force in the freestyle world. The editing has been a divisive choice, with many wishing to just see Rodney Mullen skating in its purest form rather than buried in flashy effects but the video is undeniably impressively filmed and hopefully the first of many more Mullen videos.

Isamu Yamamoto – Kuma Films

Isamu, quite simply, seems to get better at skateboarding on a daily basis. Teaming up with Kuma Films, Isamu has put together an amazing combination of street and freestyle hybrid skateboarding (Isamuism, if you will) in this latest part. The fact that this video part has had over 725,000 views at the time of writing shows that freestyle skateboarding continues to grow, the skating itself also proving that freestyle itself continues to evolve to this day; thank Isamu for another great part and progressing freestyle!

Vladislav Kanin freestyle skateboarding 2016 | RUSIA

We hear a lot about freestylers and their communities across the globe but one of the nations we don’t hear about too often is Russia. Vladislav Kanin is leading the charge of freestylers in Russia with a unique and impressive array of technical tricks and a very solid style.

Jordan Sterling – Freestyle Skateboarding

Taking a page out of Brett Novak’s book, Jordan travelled around Ontario, Canada, piecing together a mix of some of his favourite tricks in a variety of spots in a creatively shot and edited video part. Jordan is another skater that has continued to improve throughout the year and is definitely worth keeping an eye out for at future contests.

Yuta Fujii – Freestyle Skateboarding

Once again, Japan has produced another incredible young freestyler set to dominate the contest scene over the coming years – this time it’s the progeny of the legendary Fujii family. With freestylers like Masahiro and Toshiaki Fujii in your family you are destined to achieve great things and this video is just a teaser of the incredible skating yet to come.

World Freestyle Round-Up 2016: TRUE STORY

So you think you know how things went down at this year’s World Round Up? You were wrong, mislead by the freestyle illuminati. Daniel Trujillo exposes what really went down at this year’s contest, taking a look at every freestyler at the event, their best tricks and the conspiracy going on behind the scenes.

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