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LateNews - Spring to Summer freestyle skateboarding news 2016As can be expected over the summer months, there have been plenty of developments across the freestyle world, including the rapid expansion of the Moonshine team and the availability of an increased range of freestyle goodies across the globe. Here is just a selection of what has gone down over the past few months.

Contest Calendar

The main contest season for 2015 is, sadly, now over, though there may still be a few more contests left to look forward too. There’s at least one more contest still to come in Japan and though there have been no official announcements, there are usually one, two or three more contests yet to take place in Brazil. With regard to upcoming contests beyond this year, here’s what we know so far:

tsukuma-cup-2-2016November 6th and 13th – Tsukuma Cup 2 (Aeon Mall, Japan)
January 13th – 15th – Big Rio Freestyle Contest
May 19th – 22nd – The World Round Up
July (First or second weekend) – Paderborn

Though dates have not yet been confirmed, it is expected that Stockholm Freestyle, Philly Freestyle and the UK Round Up will also return for 2017 at similar times to this year; there are also rumours of a second, larger UK contest and a significant contest in Romania but so far nothing has been confirmed.

Sponsorship News

Alexandru Stribu Freestyle SkateboardThe Moonshine freestyle team continued to expand this month with the addition of three new riders. After solid performances at the World Round Up, Kaue Araujo and Diego Pires became the team’s latest ams, who were joined by the consistently stylish Felix Jonsson.

Nose and Tail Skateshop also expanded its team with the addition of Alexandru Stribu.

In the USA, Jacob Whitt picked up sponsorship from his long-time favourite shoe company Maui and Sons and Brandon Ross joined the Reverse Skateboards team. After bursting onto the scene at this year’s Round Up, up and coming amateur Josh Dunstone also picked up a sponsorship with Aikenheads. And last but by no means least, here in the UK, Joe Moore earned a sponsorship with Extreme.

Freestyle Podcast

Over the course of the summer the Freestyle Podcast team have been spoiling us with a multitude of new releases; including their first live broadcast during the semi-finals, finals and awards ceremonies at this year’s World Round Up, all of which are available online now for your listening pleasure!

Check out all of the podcasts here

Broken Fingers Issue Six

broken-fingers-skateboard-magazineIf you haven’t already picked up issue six of Broken Fingers, what’s wrong with you, get it now!

Issue six is the UK issue of Broken Fingers, looking at scene building, what it means to freestyle skateboard and some incredibly kind words about our humble website.

Buy issue 6 of Broken Fingers here

Help Daniel Trujillo make movies again

In a cruel twist of fate, freestyle filmmaker Daniel Trujillo was robbed of his entire collection of camera equipment, including a DSLR, GoPro, microphones and more. If you’ve enjoyed watching Daniel’s videos over the years and want to help him start filming again, make sure you head on over to his GoFundMe page now and give what you can to support a fellow freestyler.

Support Daniel here

Aikenheads ‘Just Do It Now’

If you like pushing yourself to learn new tricks and the potential of winning cool gear for doing so, then this may just be the contest for you. Josh Dunstone has teamed up with Aikenheads Skateshop to offer the ‘Just Do it Now’ contest, where you can win a complete set up Each week Josh will be posting a trick online and all you need to do is film yourself matching it and post it up online. All the videos and contest information is available on their special Facebook Group, so check it out by clicking here.

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What were your favourite freestyle moments this summer? What are you looking forward to in the next few months? Make sure to let us know on the LateTricks facebook page, or tweet us @Fslatetricks.