Freestyle Video Highlights

LateNews - Freestyle skateboarding newsAs always, we anticipated that the number of video parts being released would drop as the year came to an end and, once again, we are delighted to have been completely wrong about that. Here are just a couple of the biggest videos from the last few months

Moichi Suzuki – Summer 2015

Moichi Suzuki is cool. His tricks are cool, his style is cool and this video, as you might expect, is very cool. Chilled out technical skateboarding with some great combos – cool.

Freestyle session with Turi Zoltan, Robert Wagner and Marius Constantin

What happens when you get three of the finest up and coming freestylers from across Europe together for a session? This; this is what happens. Great mix of tricks and styles makes for fine watching.

Denham Hill – Weasel War Dance

Oi freestyle! Denham Hill throws down some serious tech bangers in his 2015 video part in his aggressive, powerful, flat-capped manner.

Rodney Mullen – Sebring Revolution

Yes, it really happened; Rodney Mullen freestyle skateboarding in 2015! It’s rare to see new footage of the man himself, so what a delight it was to see this short section pop up. Here’s hoping for another Rodney Mullen part in 2016!

South Bank Jam

As always, it is an absolute pleasure to skate with the UK freestylers, so it’s impossible to pass up the chance filming with them. A great mix of styles, goofy tricks and an NBD or two along the way.

Pete Betti – Far Out Freestyle Combos

Mr Truck Transfer himself is back with even more tricks you never thought were possible. This one of those video parts you just have to watch more than once so you can even begin to comprehend the madness.

Christian Heise – Skull Skates – Burns my Bones

Christian Heise makes everything look stylish and this bumper video part highlights just that. At just over 10 minutes, this part takes you on a journey with Chris throughout his 2015 in skateboarding

Connor Burke – Freestyle Skateboarding Video Part 2015

It was about this time last year that Connor dropped a video part that blew everyone away. That gave us a whole year to prepare for this latest video part but, as it turns out, that wasn’t enough. Powerful, technical and creative skateboarding from the US Champion in one of the video highlights of 2015.

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What were your highlights of 2015? What are you looking forward to this year? Make sure to let us know on the LateTricks facebook page, or tweet us @Fslatetricks.