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LateNews - Freestyle skateboarding newsThere have been plenty of exciting happenings around the freestyle world over the last few months, including the emergence of a new freestyle company, riders turning pro and picking up sponsorships, mainstream media coverage and brilliant grassroots projects.

Contest Schedule for 2015

2016 is already looking to have an incredibly diverse range of contests across the globe. Here are all of the confirmed and rumoured contests and dates so far:

Big Rio Freestyle Contest 2016January 22nd – 24th – Big Rio Freestyle Contest, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
March 27th – Megane Cup Vol 5, Japan
May 20th – 23rd – The World Round Up, Vancouver, Canada
TBC – Paderborn Freestyle Contest, Paderborn, Germany
TBC – All Japan Freestyle Contest 2016
TBC – The UK Round Up 2
TBC – Wai Wai Contest 2016
Rumoured – Dutch freestyle contest
Rumoured – Swedish freestyle contest, Stockholm
Rumoured – Romanian freestyle contest

If you have any news about upcoming contests, please feel free to send it over and we’ll be happy to help you get the word out!

Freestyle Skateboarding is not in the Olympics

It hardly sounds like news but there it is; freestyle skateboarding will not be in the Olympics. Though street and bowl skateboarding have both been pitched for the upcoming Olympics, freestyle was left on the sidelines; much to the disappointment and elation of the conflicted skateboarding community.

However, with freestyle skateboarding having even been considered, it’s not impossible that freestyle skateboarding may make some sort of appearance at such an event or, given the World Skateboarding Federation’s plans for a return to structured competitive skateboarding, the emergence of more freestyle contests in the future.

Moonshine; a challenger approaches!

Moonshine Freestyle SkateboardFollowing the growth of the freestyle scene in the UK, vert, pool and bowl skateboarding company Moonshine has become the latest company to join the growing trend, launching its own line of dedicated freestyle skateboards.

In addition to the two new freestyle models on offer, Moonshine has also welcomed Tony Gale, Denham Hill, Dan Garb and Dillanger Kane onto its illustrious team. Check out their website for more information.

Sponsorship moves

It really has been a good few months for Dan Garb who, along with Turi Zoltan, picked up sponsorship from Extreme. In Germany, up and coming freestyler Daniel Adam joined the Never Enough Team and in the UK Joe Moore made the move from US-based Mentality Skateboards to Wight Trash.

With the launch of his first pro model, along with his second, Isamu Yamamoto is now officially a professional freestyle for Decomposed skateboards, after another incredible year.

Rodney Mullen Enjoi freestyle board

Rodney Mullen - Enjoi freestyle skateboardAs part of their 15th Birthday celebrations Enjoi have announced that they will be releasing a Rodney Mullen freestyle complete in 2016. The deck will be 7.35in wide, cut in a classic freestyle shape and provided with specially produced 54mm 101a freestyle wheels from Enjoi. Though a date for release has not yet been announced, Never Enough Skateboards, Decomposed and many more will be stocking it, so it’s definitely one to keep an eye out for.

Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 5

Tony Hawks Pro Skater 5Over the years, the Tony Hawk video game series has played an important role in the re-emergence of freestyle and the development of the current generation of freestyle skateboarders. So it was cause for celebration when, after several disappointing games, it was announced that Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 5 would be coming soon and taking the series back to its roots.

Sadly, things didn’t pan out quite that way. Upon its release, the game was plagued with a catalogue of errors and in need of a colossal update just to make it work at all. Several months, countless updates and a hefty price drop later, we have procured a copy of the game and will be posting up a review later this month, so make sure to check back to see if it’s worth picking up.

Broken Fingers Issue 5

Broken Fingers - Freestyle Skateboarding Zine Issue 5If you haven’t heard about Broken Fingers then here’s what you need to know: Broken Fingers is a fantastic non-profit freestyle zine, full of articles, interviews and great photos that have been put together by freestylers, for freestylers.

Issue 5 will be available for purchase very soon, featuring an interview with Marius Constantin, highlights from the All Japan Freestyle Contest and much more. Keep an eye on the Broken Fingers website and make sure you pick up a copy!

The Freestyle Podcast

Since the last LateNews, Tony Gale and Bob Loftin have been busy, putting together two new episodes of the Freestyle Podcast for your listening pleasure! Find out more about what Tony hates, what he doesn’t like and what he can’t stand now over on the Freestyle Podcast website!

Episode 20
Episode 21

Plus, going into the new year, the Freestyle Podcast announced two new additions to the line up! Michael Erskine and Simon Mrozinski will be joining the team this year to provide further perspective on the hot freestyle topics and additional interviews and coverage from freestyle events.

LateNews to become less late

Having made the move from bi-monthly to thirdly, it has become apparent that too much is happening in the freestyle world to provide updates so infrequently!

With that in mind, LateNews will begin running every two months again, with the first installment of 2016 hitting in the beginning of March.

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What were your highlights of 2015? What are you looking forward to this year? Make sure to let us know on the LateTricks facebook page, or tweet us @Fslatetricks.