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LateNews - Summer 2015In between contests, the freestyle skateboarding movement has been gaining momentum; an outstandingly ironic feat to your average skater, who don’t tend to expect much movement from freestylers at all. There have been demos all over the world, magazines, podcasts and even this:

Freestyle in the Olympics

The suitability of freestyle skateboarding for the Olympics is often fiercely debated amongst the freestyle community, however it may soon become a reality. Following the foundation of the World Skateboarding Federation and their subsequent partnership with the Fédération Internationale de Roller Sports, Olympics Logoa proposition has been made to the olympic committee for the inclusion of skateboarding; seemingly with a view to including street, vert, bowl, slalom, downhill and freestyle.

At present, there’s no way of knowing how close we actually are to seeing freestyle in the Olympics, but it’s safe to say this is the closest it has ever been. What are your thoughts on freestyle skateboarding as an Olympic Sport? Do you think it will help the sport or drag it further into obscurity? Join the discussion over on the LateTricks Facebook page.

Upcoming Freestyle Demos

If you’re looking to take in some incredible freestyle skateboarding, make sure you head down to your nearest freestyle demo. Take a look at our list of upcoming freestyle demos and let us know if you know of/are putting together any more demos you’d like promoted:

12th September – UK Freestyle Demo at The Plank Factory
11am – 4pm demos, 6pm – 8pm Skateboarding movies
Join Tony Gale, Denham Hill, Alex Foster and more for a celebration of freestyle and all things skateboarding at this free festival
Northlight Mill, Dale Street, Brierfield, Lancashire, BB9 5PL

Brettbewerb Freestyle Demo12th September – German Freestyle Demo at Brettbewerb Skateboarding Contest
Sebastian Heupel, Yoyo Schulz, Stefan Albert and Bernhard Kuempel return to Brettbewerb for another incredible freestyle demo; this is one that’s well worth checking out!
The skatepark is located in the heart of the Rhine-Main region. You can reach the event by bus (61 – stop New Center) and train (Nauheim Station).

26th September – UK Freestyle Demo at the Old School Skate event at Shoreham skatepark
Take in some old school freestyle with Darran Nolan, Tony Gale, James “Fairbro” Fairbrother and more at September’s final freestyle demo on the Southern Coast of England
Skatepark is on Ham Road, opposite Dunelm Mills. Shoreham by Sea train station is a short walk away

Philly US Freestyle Championships 2015

US Freestyle Skateboarding Championships 2015The US Championships return to Philadelphia for the 5th consecutive year, bringing together a blinding array of freestyle talent and an interesting tweak to the traditional Philly contest format. 2014 champions Connor Burke (Pro) and Casey Ray Schultz (Amateur) will be returning, joining Mike Osterman, Jesse Whalen, Jacob Whitt, Felix Jonsson, Pete Betti, John Sargent and more. The Masters contest line up is spectacular, with bonafide legends such as Mike Kinney, Jason Thoel, Bob Loftin and many more entering the fray.

This year’s contest will be held at the RIZZO Rinks on Front and Washington Street. In a new tweak to the run duration format (The hottest topic in freestyle right now), Novices will have 1 minute runs, amateurs will have 1 – 1 ½ minute runs, Pros will have 1 ½ – 2 minutes runs and Masters have 1 ½ minute runs. The duration of the run is determined by the rider. If you’re in Philly on October 10th, make sure you get there!

Freestyle Demos from Across the Globe

Freestylers have been popping up all over the place this summer, putting together demos for the general public and excitable freestyle fans. Here are a few links to video highlights of 5 amazing demos

NASS Freestyle Demo 2015 - Denham HillNASS Freestyle Demos – Featuring Callum Bowran, Tony Gale, Simon Mrozinski, the LateTricks crew and more

Team Freakstyle Demos – Featuring Christian Heise, Robert Wagner and Christian Muller

Isamu Yamamoto Freestyle Skateboarding Demo at Ogoto Summer Festival

Festival Mundial Demo – Featuring Gunter Mokulys, Erwin Shuvit, Danny Darkslide, Peter Eysink and more

World Round Up Team Freestyle Demo in Heritage Skateshop – Featuring Kevin Harris, Rene Shigueto, Ryan Brynelson and Andy Anderson

Broken Fingers Issues 3 and 4

Broken Fingers - Volume 4The latest issues of the must-own freestyle magazine Broken Fingers are now available! Issue 3 takes a look at Longboard freestyling, Underrated freestyle tricks and Ryan Brynelson, whilst issue 4 features tales from Paderborn and the World Round Up.

The magazine is available as both a digital download or in physical form, which can be shipped anywhere in the world. If you’re still after the first two issues, you’re in luck, as they are also still available! Support freestyle skateboarding and get cool stuff in return – buy Broken Fingers online here!

The Freestyle Podcast – Episode 19

Tony Gale and Bob Loftin return for the 19th instalment of the Freestyle Podcast, with tales from the pairs adventures in London and trip to Paderborn, wheel reviews and much more; well worth a download.

Chris, Sto and Steve return!

Before there was such a thing as a “YouTube Celebrity”, Chris, Sto and Steve delighted the masses with their spectacular array of technical fliptricks, freestyle combos and their attempts at “going big”. After an absence of several years, their channel has become active once more (albeit with old, previously unseen footage) and the guys are looking for support to pick up where they left off. So check out their channel, support the guys’ page and help out if you can.

Upcoming Jam: Texas Cage Match 2: The Reckoning

Bob Loftin hosts the 2nd Texas Cage Match of the year in Richardson, Texas. If you’re in the Texas area and want to join a few fellow freestylers for a good old-fashioned session, make sure you head on down. You can find further information on the event’s Facebook page.

Freestyle in the Mainstream Media

As it becomes increasingly difficult for the skateboarding world to ignore freestyle, articles and videos about freestyle are popping up all over the net – and it’s not as overwhelmingly negative as you may have assumed! Just take a look and judge for yourselves:

Daniel Trujillo, Black Ninja and Andy SchrockRide Channel – How Freestyle Skating Died and Came Back to Life

Jeff Grosso’s Loveletters to Skateboarding – The Freestyle Conspiracy

Andy Schrock – Naming Skateboarding Tricks (Featuring Daniel Trujillo)

The Tech Files Series Finale

In the final instalment of Dr. Tech’s journey through time, freestyler Darran Nolan brings us the history of the Airwalk, how to do a scarewalk and the unveiling of his glorious statue in Brighton. The freestyle world’s broken fingers are collectively crossed for a second series!

Read Part 1 – Freestyle Contest News

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What were your favourite freestyle moments this summer? What are you looking forward to in the next few months? Make sure to let us know on the LateTricks facebook page, or tweet us @Fslatetricks.