General Freestyle News

LateNews - January - March 2016The first few months are always an exciting time within the freestyle community, when the major international contests and good weather are still a few months away and there’s more time for new projects, filming and progressing the scene.

Skateshop News

Marius Constantin - Freestyle SkateboardIf you live in Romania and you’re looking to get a freestyle board without the high delivery costs then you’re in luck! Nose and Tail Skateshop is a new site founded by Marius Constantin, offering a range of products including Jart and Cirus skateboards. The most exciting board available is Marius’ first pro model, which looks great and is a must-have for any European freestyler!

Nose and Tail has also formed its own freestyle team, which is comprised of top Eastern European freestylers Alexandru Lilea, Boris Staver and Marius himself. Make sure you check out the new website here.

Never Enough has also relocated to a prominent new shop in Brandenburg, so if you’re in the area and want to pick up a new freestyle board, make sure you give them a visit! The shop can be found at Hauptstr.70 – 14776 Brandenburg, Germany.

Contest Calendar

As the weather continues to get better, there are even more freestyle contests scheduled over the coming few months. Here are all the confirmed dates we have so far:

20th – 23rd May – The World Round Up
9th – 10th July – Paderborn BBQ Skateboard Contest
16th July – The UK Round Up 2
5th-6th August – Eurocana Freestyle Contest

Sponsorship Moves

It’s been relatively quiet on the sponsorship front so far this year. Most notably, as previously mentioned, Alexandru Lilea and Boris Staver joined the Nose and Tail freestyle team, with Alexander Rademaker picking up sponsorship from Force Wheels, Marcio Torres has been sponsored by No Miracles Clothing and Nick Beaulieu seemingly riding for the newly formed Dylan Bryl Skateboards.

The latest Freestyle Podcast

The Freestyle Podcast team has been busy since our last update, releasing episodes 22 and 23 of the highly-anticipated podcast earlier this year. Join Tony, Bob, Michael and Simon as they discuss the burning issues in freestyle, such as Broken Fingers, Mode Wheels, Polar Bear Trucks and why Tony still hates just about everything in the best way possible.

Episode 22
Episode 23

Connor Burke on the Ride Channel

If you haven’t already seen Connor Burke’s latest video part, then we insist you scroll down immediately and watch it now! Seen it? It’s pretty good right? Connor also earned the accolade of having the first full-length freestyle video part released on the Ride Channel, reaching over one million subscribers. Good work Connor, keep flying the flag for freestylers everywhere!

Shortsided: The Latest Series from Brett Novak

Brett Novak - ShortsideTaking a break from his usual full-length epics, freestyle filmmaker extraordinaire Brett Novak has started a new weekly series, showcasing his favourite individual tricks and combinations from a wide range of freestyle and technical street skaters – and one legend in a wheelchair! The clips are only short but they’re well worth checking out, so make sure you check out his channel today.

Broken Fingers Volume 5

Broken Fingers - Freestyle Skateboarding Zine Issue 5The fifth issue of the spectacular Broken Fingers zine was released back in January, featuring an interview with Marius Constantin, coverage from the All Japan Freestyle Contest and a view on two minute runs – the hottest topic in freestyle right now. Only $5 per issue and shipped internationally – it’s a no brainer! Volume 6 should be released soon, with a focus on the UK freestyle scene.

LateTricks at the World Round Up

After three years of writing articles, we’re thrilled to announce that we will be joining the World’s finest freestylers for this year’s World Round Up in Canada! With the help and support of the LateTricks team (Tasha, Chris and Adam), I will be at this year’s event to capture all the action on film. I’d love to film with every single freestyler out there, so if you spot me, feel free to grab me and I’ll be more than happy to shoot some footage with you!

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What were your favourite freestyle moments this winter? What are you looking forward to in the next few months? Make sure to let us know on the LateTricks facebook page, or tweet us @Fslatetricks.