LateNews - January - April 2015 - Freestyle Skateboarding NewsThanks to a growing number of talented freestylers around the world, it has been very easy to access a steady stream of brilliant freestyle skateboarding videos over the last four months. Here are a few of the top viewed and most talked about freestyle skateboarding videos so far this year:

Sergi Meca & Freestyle Marco: LA Skate Circus

When you put together two unique, creative and talented skateboarders like Sergi Meca and Freestyle Marco, you know you can expect something incredible. Lots of powerful and fun skating in this section along with a pogo leap of faith that will make you wince!

Tony Gale and Daniel Trujillo: England to Vegas

When Tony Gale headed out to Las Vegas last year, he met up with local freestyler Daniel Trujillo for a quick session at the local skatepark. This fun and fast section is just a joy to watch, packed with raw freestyle tech.

Tomo Koyano – Concrete Waltz

We named Tomo Koyana as one of our Ones to Watch in 2015 and this section shows why. Tomo has developed a fantastic, unique style, blending smooth footwork with technical tricks for an enjoyable section.

Takashi Suzuki 2015 – My Truth

When Takashi Suzuki releases a new video, you know it’s going to be good. This section is definitely one to watch, showcasing Takahi’s unique style and few new combos he’s been working on that will catch you off guard!

Jesse Whalen – NYC Creating in Style

Not many people can freestyle on a full size street deck, let alone make it look spectacular and throw perfect one footed 540 shove its. Jesse cruises around NYC, throwing down freestyle hammers in this effortlessly brilliant section

LateTricks Best of 2014

2014 Was an incredible year for freestyle and we were thrilled to capture so much of it. Our highlights from last year features Sebastian Heupel, Marco Sassi, Tony Gale, Turi Zoltan, Callum Bowran, Marius Constantin, John Hanson and dozens more incredible freestylers; make sure you check it out!

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What were your favourite freestyle moments in January through to April this year? What are you looking forward to in the next few months? Make sure to let us know on the LateTricks facebook page, or tweet us @Fslatetricks.