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latenews1September and October were both incredible months for freestyle skateboarding in terms of video coverage. We saw TV spots with Sebastian Heupel, dozens of contest sections from across Japan and Romania, coverage from the JFSA Championship, LateTricks London Demo and even (finally) coverage from this year’s Paderborn event from Erwin Shuvit. We’ve been through the best of this month’s freestyling footage and selected out a few choice highlights for your viewing pleasure.

Rodney Mullen 2013 (Starring Marco Sassi and Mario Steinemann)

Controversy struck the world of freestyle this month when the latest video from Mario Steinemann and Marco Sassi emerged online featuring some truly incredible skating and the duo’s now legendary adult-themed antics. This sparked a heated debate on the Flatline Zine discussing whether or not such content had a place in the freestyle community and if the proposed censorship of this video infringed on the video maker’s creative rights. Whichever side you come down on, it’s impossible to deny that the skating is on a whole new level of technical wizardry, even premièring an incredibly smooth 360 carousel.

A Mooch with the Gooch

A LateTricks trip up to Penrith lead to an awesome session with the creative Northern Freestyler Scaife Gooch. Filming in between bouts of rain and trips to the pub, this was a really fun video to work on!

The Never Enough Summer Tour Video

On an epic trip from Paderborn to the World Championships at the NASS Festival, the Never Enough team skated their way across Europe, filming some truly epic skating. Featuring team riders Sebastian Heupel, Christian Heise, Callum Bowran and Albert Kuncz, along with the Never Enough Street Team and guests Gunter Mokulys and Felix Jonnson, the video has a great vibe as the riders simply enjoy the trip and casually film some incredible skating.

The Casper Video

The full length freestyle video from the early 2000s returns to the internet in full, featuring the skating talents of Darryl Grogan, Nate Sherwood, Terry Synott, Keith Renna and dozens more of the world’s finest freestylers. This video played an important part in the re-emergence of freestyle into the limelight and is a must watch for any freestyler who believes in the sport!

The Casper Video a Skateboarding video by afostermedia

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