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Tomo Koyano 2013

Putting together some impressive technical stationary combos, a couple of smooth rolling lines and some Takashi Suzuki enthused footwork, Tomo Koyano has put together a 2013 section with a few tricks that might suprise you.

Mike Osterman 2013

One of the most hotly discussed sections of 2013, Mike Osterman’s latest video part is a technically impressive and beautifully shot video that will both chill you out and psych you up in equal measures. Undoubtedly one of the video highlights of the year

Weird Skateboarding in the Fall – Pete Betti

In the latest installment of Pete Betti’s Weird Skateboarding series, there is some incredible raw, tech skateboarding from one of this year’s top amateur freestylers who puts together combos that you might not have thought were even possible

Alexendru Lilea

Marius Constantin’s protégé Alexandru Lilea has been busy over the last few months, quickly progressing his skating and putting together a nice little section and showing the world that Romanian freestyle will continue to rise!

NYC Session

Mike Osterman, Terry Synnott, Pete Betti, Bert Mathieson, Kyle Hamilton, Jesse Whalen, Nate Cohen, Joe Humures. If you need any more reasons to watch this section, you might need to start swotting up on your freestyle!

Was there anything that happened in the last few months that particularly stood out for you? What were your favourite sections from the last few months? Head over to the LateTricks Facebook group or join us on Twitter @FSLateTricks to continue the discussion

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