Video Highlights

With so many videos uploaded over the last few months, it has been impossible to cram all of our favourites into this months LateNews. We’ve seen synchronised skating, creative skating and the return of a few freestylers who have been somewhat camera shy over the last few years!

Freestyle Skateboarding Gangbang

The masters of inappropriately titled video parts return with another great section; this time focused on group shots. Mario Steinemann, Marco Sassi and Tonino Candela put together a varied section with some impressive synchronised skating and very technical combos.

Rodney Mullen – 1988 Mall Demo

Some recently unearthed footage of the mighty Mullen skating on one of the worst ever surfaces for freestyle has emerged online, further displaying what a powerhouse of freestyle then man is. Classic footage and ridiculous tricks; basically just typical Mullen.

G – Spring 2014 Freestyle

You can’t fault a section that mixes smooth and stylish footwork intertwined with tech combos, so it is always a foregone conclusion that a section from Giampolo Baccio will be worth a few minutes out of your day

Uncommon Freestyle Tricks

Freestyle skateboarding has become increasingly intertwined with “quirky” skateboarding, which has encouraged creative and open minded street skaters like Jason Park to dabble in something new. Jason, along with filmmaker and freestyler Brett Novak, takes some time to get creative so far. with his flatland skating in one of the funnest short clips of the year.

Pete Betti – Flatground Skateboarding Sessions 2

In the build up to his “last am contest” appearance at this year’s World Round Up, Pete Betti has unleashed yet more technical madness with his latest part. Always a genuine joy to watch Pete fly through so many impressive tricks mid combo.

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What were your favourite freestyle moments in March and April this year? What are you looking forward to in the next few months? Make sure to let us know on the LateTricks facebook page, or tweet us @Fslatetricks.