International Skateboard Contest 1965Location: Anaheim, California, USA

Event Information

This event was the first ever international skateboard contest and took place at the Anaheim Stadium between May 22nd and 23rd 1965. Overall champions for the day were selected based on their performance in freestyle (tricks), flatland slalom and downhill slalom. The event was recorded and shown on ABC’s “Wide World of Sports”

Results (Class AA Tricks)

1. Torger Johnson
2. Bruce Logan
3. John Freis
3. Dave Hilton
5. Steve Hilton
5. Sammy Jiminez
5. Steve Quirt
5. Larry Sebastian
9. Brian Beeman
9. Danny Escalante
11. Don Barker
12. Gary Hill
12. Brian Logan
12. Bob Mohr
15. John Guild
15. Mike Power
15. Karl Weber
18. Ron Hatch
18. Kevin Jones
20. Jeff Greenelsh

Results (Class A Tricks: 10 and under)

1. Brandon Woodward
2. Dave Kenny
3. J. Mesa
4. M. Hazitt
4. Mike Lacy
4. Dick Mohr
7. Pete Burg
8. J. Guild
8. Andy Herrick
10. Rick Anderson

Results (Girls Tricks)

1. Laurie Turner
2. Colleen Boyd
3. Wendy Bearer
4. Laurie Allen
5. Valerie Perez
6. Suzie Rowland
7. Donna Cash
8. Colleen Jones
9. Paula Johnson
10. Sherry Grindle

Results (Class AA overall)

1. John Freis
2. Torger Johnson
3. Willie Phillips

Results (Class A overall)

1. Brandon Woodward
2. Gary Birchard
3. Don gurgess

Results (Girls overall)

1. Laurie Turner
2. Colleen Boyd
3. Valerie Perez


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Dave Hilton’s 3rd place run and Steve Hilton’s 5th place run – AA Tricks

Girls tricks event highlights