Inglewood Games 4 - freestyle contestLocation: Inglewood, USA

Event Information

This event took place on Saturday April 4th and was Kilian Martin’s 2nd professional contest. Steve Day was head judge, with the battle format contests being judged by the audience.

Results (Men’s Pro Freestyle)

1. Kilian Matrin
2. Ben Farquhar
3. Brett Novak

Results (Women’s Open Freestyle)

1. Kristina Brown
2. Kindra Bell
3. Cindy Gonzalas

Results (Men’s Open Freestyle)

1. Lamont Holt
2. Jarell Ware
3. Christian Harris

Results (Men’s Pro Battle)

1. Kilian Matrin
2. Brett Novak
3. Ben Farquhar

Results (Women’s Open Battle)

1. Kindra Bell
2. Kristina Brown
3. Samantha Coleman

Results (15 and under Battle)

1. Kyle Castillo
2. Kevin Mejia
3. Tyon Fowler

Results (16 and over Battle)

1. Marc Chavez
2. Victor Salazar
2. Adon Chau
2. Orlando Rosales
2. Eric Kopecky
2. Jose Gonzalez
2. Jorge Lopez
8. Gerry Gutierrez
8. Kevin Romero
8. Enrique DeLira
8. Nixon Posada
8. Chris Harris

Results (Men’ High Jump)

1. Gerry Gutierrez (43 inches)

Results (Women’s High Jump)

1. Kindra Bell (41 inches)

Results (Pup Cup Jam)

1. Everyone that entered


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