Inglewood Games - Freestyle Contest 2006Location: Darby Park Skate Park, Inglewood, California, USA

Event Information

This was the first annual Inglewood Games, organised by Bob Staton, which took place on April 8th 2006. Skaters Daniel Wade and Lamont Holt would later attract the attention of a more mainstream audience as successful street skaters.

Results (Advanced/Sponsored)

1. Jon Bunn
2. Ben Farquhar
3. Daniel Wade

Results (Intermediate Open)

1. Lamont Holt
2. Joshua Alvarado

Results (Novice Open)

1. Joe Arguelles
1. Kevin White
3. Mat LeMond
4. Holden MacKehna
4. Evan Spai

Results (Masters)

1. Charles Wilson
2. Bob Staton

Results (360 Spins)

1. Jon Bunn (9.5)
2. Ben Faruqhar (6.2)
3. Daniel Wade (3.1416)

Results (Men’s High Jump)

1. Jose Olmedo (142.24 cm)
2. Sesui Parra (121.92 cm)
3. Dominique Tierry (116.84 cm)

Results (Women’s High Jump)

1. Amee Jay Papelera (93.98 cm)
2. Ocea Iverson (91.44 cm)
3. Quynh Le (86.36 cm)


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