Location: Huntington Beach, USA

Event Information

This event was held on May 24 & 25. This was one of Russ Howell’s first freestyle contests

Results (Pee Wee Division)

1. Ron Quigly
2. Matt Smith

Results (Boy’s Division)

1. Steve Monahan
2. Paul Constantineau
3. Jay Adams

Results (Junior’s Division)

1. Bob Neishi
2. Fred Flavell
3. Stacy Peralta
3. Wentzel Ruml

Results (Men’s Division)

1. Russ Howell
2. John Denny
3. Chris Cahill
3. Tom Waller

Results (Girl’s Division)

1. Starla Stewart
2. Daisy Apodaca

Results (Women’s Division)

1. Patti Monahan
2. Janet Larruea


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