Hang Ten World Pro-Am Championships 1976Location: Carlsbad, California, USA

Event Information

This was the second annual Hang Ten Skateboarding Championships and took place at the Carlsbad Skateboard Park on September 18th to 19th 1976. The event was organised by the Pacific Skateboard Association and filmed for ABC’s Wide World of Sports. Tony Alva and Laura Thornhill also won the mens’ and womens’ bowl freestyle contests. The freestyle contest took place in between slalom runs. The overall highest placing team for the day was Tunnel Wheels/

Results (Mens Freestyle)

1. Mike Weed
2. Bruce Logan
3. Tony Alva
4. Chris Chaput
5. Curt Lindgren
5. Steve Cathay
7. Torger Johnson
8. Paul Hoffman
9. Skitch Hitchcock
10. Stacy Peralta
11. Jose Galan
12. Tom Sims
13. John Hutson
14. Greg Weaver

Results (Womens Freestyle)

1. Laura Thornhill
2. Ellen O’Neal
3. Kathie Bomiester
4. Kim Cespedes
5. Robin Alaway
6. Mary Zerke

Results (Overall Men’s Freestyle)

1. Bruce Logan
2. Tony Alva
3. Mike Weed

Results (Overall Women’s Freestyle)

1. Laura Thornhill
2. Kathie Bomiester
3. Robin Logan


Article and results in Skateboard Review magazine
Event poster from SkateandAnnoy website