Location: Santa Rosa Park Hockey Rink

Event Information

This event took place on 16th May 2004. Gary Holl was crowned “King of the West Coast” after winning 4 of the 5 disciplines.

Results (Freestyle Masters)

1. Gary Holl
2. Erik “Taco” Takaoka
3. “Orange” Julius Pleshakov

Results (Freestyle 16 and Over)

1. Daniel Trujilo
2. Bob Staton

Results (High Jump)

1. Gary Holl
2. Jack Smith
3. “Orange” Julius Pleshakov
4. Daniel Trujilo

Results (Team Game of Skate)

1. Mid Town Menace – Gary Holl and Julius Pleshakov
2. Viva Las Vegas – Daniel and Marcus Trujilo

Results (360 Spins)

1. Gary Holl


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