group-big-colorCasper Classic 2

Location: Pasadena, California USA

Event Information

The Casper Classic 2 played a strong role in the rebirth of freestyle skateboarding and is often referred to as the 2003 World Championships. The event took place on 14th-15th August and cost $85 for pros to enter and $65 for amateurs – higher than almost all contests in recent years. Primo Desiderio and John Pope were both skating on injuries but placed well within their respective contests. Following the event, Frank Lee had these inspirtional words to say:

“I sincerely hope that word will continue to spread about what our community is trying to achieve, and that our hard work as a team and our networking will lead to the support of more and bigger opportunities in the future, providing the flatland freestyle skateboarding community with various avenues for those who wish to compete while providing various other opportunities for those who do not. The end result is that we not only want to preserve and honor a piece of skateboarding’s history. We want to see it thrive, push progression, and make sure that we have the backing from a financial and technological perspective to make it happen. For those kids who live several miles from the nearest skateable obstacle, we want to make sure that even they have an opportunity to excel at skateboarding.”

Pro Results
1. Gunter Mokulys
2. Primo Desiderio
3. Terry Synnott
4. Bill Robertson
5. Lynn Cooper
6. Carlos Lastras
7. Francis Lavallee
8. Frank Lee
9. Witter Cheng
10. John Leathers

Sponsored Amateur Results
1. Francis Lavallee
2. Carlos Lastras
3. Andy Terbovich
4. Daniel Trujillo

Unsponsored Amateur Results
1. Bob Staton
2. Nils Staton

Masters Results
1. Bill Robertson
2. Lynn Cooper
3. Mike Foster
4. John Pope
5. Aaron Lasnover

360 Spin Off
1. John Pope
2. Dan Gesmer
3. Bill Robertson
4. Terry Synnott
5. Francis Lavallee
6. Daniel Trujillo

High Jump
1. Jose Morales
2. Bill Robertson
3. Lynn Cooper


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Event Highlights Montage

Mike Foster 3rd Place – Masters

Gunter Mokulys 1st Place – Pro

Primo Desiderio 2nd Place – Pro