Freestyle Skateboard World Championships 1977Location: Long Beach, USA

Event Information

This was the second annual World Championships in Long Beach. This event offered entrants their share of a $25,000 prize fund, one of the highest ever seen in skateboarding. Bob Mohr took home 1st place and $3000 for the victory, serenaded by Queen’s “We are the Champions” upon receiving his award.

Results (Men)

1. Bob Mohr
2. Mike Weed
3. Ty Page
4. Ed Nadalin

Results (Women)

1. Ellen Berryman
2. Ellen Oneal
3. Laura Thornhill

Results (Barrel Jump)

1. Tony Alva (17 Barrels)
2. Fred Flavell
3. Steve Brown
4. Steve Shipp

Results (High Jump)

1. Bryan Beardsley
2. Jerry Pattison
3. Glenn McCarroll

Results (360 Spins)

1. Russ Howell
2. Paul Hoffman
3. Ed Nadalin
4. Steve Shipp


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