Flat Attack 2022 FlyerLocation: Stewart Park, Ithaca, New York, USA

Event Information

The first annual Flat Attack contest, organised by AJ Kohn, was held on 17th – 18th June as part of the Ithaca Reggae. This event was also known as the US Pro/Am Championships of Flatland Freestyle Skateboarding.

Results (Professional)

1. Bert Mathieson
2. Pete Betti
3. Eric Lowery

Results (Amateur)

1. Lucas Kwait
2. Jaxon Kutik
3. Jack Louer
4. Ansel Richardson
5. Brian Varney
6. Mike Rodz

Results (Masters)

1. AJ Kohn
2. Phillipe
3. Billy Ferrell

Results (High Ollie)

1. Gregory Booth (28 Inches)

Results (Game of Skate)

1. Will Scarnice

Results (Best Launch Ramp Trick)

1. Jaxon Kutik (Caballerial)


Event Website
Event Information on Rootfire Website
Event Information on NYS Music Website


Bert Mathieson’s 1st place run (Pro)

Lucas Kwait’s 1st place run (Amateur)

AJ Kohn’s 1st place run (Masters)

All contest runs on Footwork Skate Productions’s YouTube Page