Location: Munster, Germanyimage

Event Information

This event took place between the 25th and 26th of August 1992 and was the final freestyle event to take place at the Munster Mastership.

Results (Pro/Am)

l. Gunter Mokulys
2. Jorg Finger
3. Christian Seewaldt
4. Carsten K.Mortensen
5. Byron Lawrence
6. Bernd Finger
7. Axel Kleinhaus
8. Chester Sass
9. Fredrick Johansen
lO. Cenk Capanoglu
ll. Henrik Andersen
12. Patrick Bermudez
13. Jens Andersen
14. Marco Vercelli
l5. Mathias Lutchz
16. Stefan Aebi
17. Sebastian Lang
18. Janne Hierkouen
19. Jukka Salmi
20. Jacob Lundh


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Newspaper clipping and Gunter Mokulys Run on skateboard Business


Official Event Highlights Montage

Championship Coverage Part 1

Championship Coverage Part 2

Championship Coverage Part 3