Eurocana Freestyle Skateboard - Per Welinder and Shane RouseLocation: Stockholm, Sweden

Event Information

This event was held on the 19th-23rd January. Despite being held in their homeland, Per Welinder and Per Holknekt both flew over from the USA, where they were living at the time. Only the top six riders qualified for the finals. After qualifying, Gogo Spreiter was placed 5th, but dropped down to 6th in the finals. When the final results came in, there was only 5 points separating Per Welinder and Shane Rouse.

Results (Open)

1. Per Welinder
2. Shane Rouse
3. Stefan “Lillis” Akesson
4. Per Holknekt
5. Martin Wilners
6. Gogo Spreiter
7. Stefan Johansson
8. Peter Wigren
9. Hans Lindgren
10. Richard Elwell


Event Results and Article in Thrasher Magazine