Euro Freestyle Championship 2019Location: Brandenburg an der Havel, Germany

Event Information

In October 2019, the Industrie Musuem in Brandenburg an der Havel hosted one of the largest freestyle contests in Europe for many years. The event was organised by Christian Heise, alongside a dedicated team, and took place in the same town as his skateshop, Never Enough Streetstore.

The event welcomed 43 competitors in total, with judges including Albert Kuncz, Michael Langfield, Daniel Adam and Simon Kux. In addition to the main event, there was also a street contest and a miniramp contest held at the same location, with the lateer being won by freestyler John Hanson

Results (Professional)

1. Gunter Mokulys
2. Mike Osterman
3. Tony Gale
4. Josh Dunstone
5. Turi Zoltan
6. Felix Jonsson
7. Robert Wagner
8. Denham Hill
9. John Hanson
10. Marius Constantin

Results (Amateur)

1. Nick Beaulieu
2. Alexandru Stirbu
3. Ismael Perez
4. Jari Paakkari
5. Fabian Friedberger
6. Danny Klahold
7. Anthony Simm
8. Daniel Popescu
9. Alex Foster
10. Christian Muller
11. Daniel Fleischer
12. Aaron Watts
13. Alexandru Lilea
14. Philip Andersson
15. Matteo Dumitrache
16. Paul Brunninkhuis
17. Peter Andersson
18. Alexandru Feraru

Results (Novice)
1. Kevin Wessels
2. Nenad Kocic
3. Ronny Schimmeck
4. Burns Lorenzen
5. Anton Strehlau
6. Samuel Schader
7. Lisa Peschi
8. Elena Marin

Results (Masters)

1. Joachin “Yoyo” Schulz
2. Pierre Woita
3. Eric Schader
4. Horand Thonges
5. Denis Sopovic
6. Tobias Heise
7. Elly

Results (Best Trick)

1. Alexandru Stirbu

Results (Best Handstand Trick)

1. Ismael Perez

Results (360 Spins)

1. Gunther Mokulys (25)
2. Joachim “Yoyo” Schulz (18)
3. Ismael Perez (15)
4. Fabian Friedberger (5)
5. Peter Andersson (1)


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Event Highlights by Never Enough Skateshop

Gunther Mokulys, 1st place run, professional

Nick Beaulieu, 1st place run, amateur

Kevin Wessels, 1st place run, novice

Joachim “Yoyo” Schulz, 1st plpace run, masters

Best Trick, Best Handstand Trick and 360 Spin Contests

Miniramp Jam

Playlist of all professional runs
Playlist of all amateur runs
Playlist of all novice runs
Playlist of all masters runs
Freestyle Podcast Episode 39: Brandenburg 2019, Part 1

Various clips from the event from Ismael Perez

Warming up at the venue before the contest

Open practice session

Event Trailer

Mike Osterman’s vlog from the event, part 1

Mike Osterman’s vlog from the event, part 2