Euro Freestyle 2020 FlyerLocation: Brandenburg an der Havel, Germany

Event Information

Whilst 2020 was a challenging year due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the highly anticipated Euro Freestyle contest took place in September, with considerable efforts being made to ensure that the event was as safe as possible for all riders and spectators. Prior to international restrictions, a significantly higher number of skaters were intending to travel to the event, with this dropping closer to the time.

The event took place in the Industrie Museum in Brandenburg an der Havel, hometown of organiser Christian Heise. Having missed the previous year’s contest due to severe illness, Reece Archibald travelled to the event from the UK to take the top spot in the contest.

Results (Professional)
1. Reece Archibald
2. Guenter Mokulys
3. Stefan ‘Lillis’ Akesson
4. Jari Paakkari
5. Robert Wagner
6. Felix Jonsson
7. Stefan Albert

Results (Amateur)
1. Daniel Adam
2. Danny Klahold
3. Tobias Bamacher
4. Fabian Friedberger
5. Christian Muller
6. Tobias Heise
7. Alex Foster
8. Wolf Buck
9. Burns Lorenzen
10. Kevin Wessels
11. Marco Kampka
12. Lisa Juhasz

Results (Novice)
1. Nenad Kocic
2. Melvin Muhring
3. Samuel Schader
4. Anton Strehlau
5. Diederik Stijf
6. Patrick Thies
7. Leopold Haberecht
8. Ian Altenkirch
9. Carl Strehlau

Results (Masters)
1. Joachim ‘Yoyo’ Schulz
2. Eric Schader
3. Pierre Woita
4. Denis Sopovic
5. Elly

Results (Best Trick)

1. Daniel Adam

Results (Best Handstand Trick)

1. Felix Jonsson

Results (360 Spins)

1. Joachim ‘Yoyo’ Schulz


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Reece Archibald, 1st place run, professional contest

Daniel Adam, 1st place run, amateur contest

Nenad Kocic, 1st place run, rookies contest

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