Location: Clearwater, Florida, USA

Event Information

This event took place in October 1978 at the Clearwater Skatepark in Florida. This was one of Rodney Mullen’s earliest contests and one of the very few that he did not win. In his autobiography, Rodney states that it was Tim Scroggs and Jim McCall that placed ahead of him. Jim McCall and Huck Andress also competed but their placings are not known.

Results (Mens Freestyle)

1. Tim Scroggs
2. Joe Ayers
3. Rodney Mullen

Results (Womens Freestyle)

1. Leslie Fisher
2. Karen Snyder
3. Suda Yantiss

Results (360 Spins)

1. Tim Scroggs

Results (Wheelers)

1. Scott McCranels
2. Richard Brand

Results (One Wheelers)

1. Scott McCranels


Results on the “Secret History of the Ollie” website
Article in Skateboarder Magazine
The Mutt, Page 57-58 (Link not available)