Chit Challenge 2001Location: Lakewood, New Jersey, USA

Event Information

This event was organised by AJ Kohn, who was looking to add a freestyle contest alongside a street and park contest that he was organising. Originally, the event was meant to take place in Alletown, Pennsylvania, but was relocated to New Jersey. The freestylers met for a meal following the event and determined that the Best Trick contest was a draw.

Results (Professional)Chit Challenge

1. Stefan “Lillis” Akesson
2. Tim Byrne
3. Kevin Harris
4. Joe Humeres
5. Mike Foster
6. Lynn Cooper

Results (Amateur)

1. Tommy Harward
2. Terry Synnott
3. Jon Jaje
4. Frank Lee

Results (Best Trick)

1. Stefan “Lillis” Akesson
1. Tim Byrne
1. Kevin Harris
1. Joe Humeres
1. Mike Foster
1. Lynn Cooper
1. Tommy Harward
1. Terry Synnott
1. Frank Lee


Results and article on WFSA website (archived)