CanAm: US Open Nationals 2009

Location: Vancouver, Canada

Results (Professional)

1. G√ľnter Mokulys
2. Kevin Harris
3. Kilian Martin
4. Christian Heise
5. Stefan Albert

Results (Amateur)

1. Kai Dunkel
2. Greyson Asthon
3. Robin Schoof
4. Erwin Schuijtvlot
5. Ryan Brynelson
6. Jame


Specific Results on WFSA Website


Gunter Mokulys – 1st Place Run (Professional)

Kevin Harris – 2nd Place Run (Professional)

Kai Dunkel – 1st Place Run (Amateur)
Playlist of all Professional Runs on Erwin’s YouTube
Playlist of all Amateur Runs on Erwin’s YouTube