Free Former Professional Skateboard World Championships 1976Location: Long Beach Arena, California.

Event Information

This was the first major worldwide freestyle contest, offering a substantial prize fund and paving the way for future professional skateboard contests. This event took place in the Summer of 1976 and would take place again in September the following year.

Results (Men’s Freestyle)

1. Chris Chaput
2. Ed Nadalin
3. Mike Weed
4. Gary Kocot
5. Russ Howell

Results (Men’s Slalom)

1. Henry Hester
2. Bob Piercy
3. Mike Williams

Results (Women’s Freestyle)

1. Ellen Berryman
2. Laura Thornhill
3. Ellen Oneal

Results (Women’s Slalom)

1. Desiree Von Essen
2. T. Brown
3. Robin Logan

Results (360 Spins)

1. Bob Jarvis
2. Chris Chaput
3. Gary Kocot
4. Steve Shipp
5. Ed Nadalin


Event Program and Rider Information
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