Bordeaux Open 1986Locations: Bordeaux, France

Event Information

This event took place on November 21st to 23rd 1986 and was the second major contest to take place in France within the year. The event was part of the Moto-Racing Exhibition and provided a very poor surface for the freestyle event. Ralf Middendorf and Frank Messman also competed in the ramp contest, taking third and fifth respectively.

Results (Freestyle)

1. Pierre Andre Senizergues
2. Frank Messman
3. Jean Marc Vaisette
4. Gunter Mokulys
5. Jose Dematos
6. Fabrice Lemad
7. Jorg Ludwig
8. Stephane Bres
9. Stephane Assuied
10. Gautier Dimajo
11. Ralf Middendorf


Article and results in Transworld Magazine (Page 66-67)