Location: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Event Information

The fourth annual Big Rio Freestyle Contest took place between January 12th and 14th 2018. Judges for the final event included Osmar Lattuca, Thronn and Márcio Ferreira.

Results (Pro/Am)

1. Felix Jonsson
2. Gustavo Kennedy
3. Cristobal Bahamonde
4. Kauê Araújo
5. Thomas Nascimento
6. Kesley
7. Alexandre Feliz
8. Fábio Napoleão
9. Tai Tai
10. Bruno Antunes
11. Carioca
12. Vítor Salazar
13. Adalba SubSolo
14. Elias da Costa
15. Janers
16. Celso Chef
17. Thiago


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Event Facebook page
Article on BBCL website on Cristobal’s placing


Event highlights from Sugar Free

Gustavo Kennedy, 2nd place run, Pro/Am