Big Rio Freestyle Contest 2016Location: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Event Information

This event took place as part of the Tattoo Week festival on the 22nd to 24th of January. This was Isamu Yamamoto’s first professional contest win.

Results (Professional)

1. Isamu Yamamoto
2. Gunter Mokulys
3. Mattheus Navarro
4. Alexandre Brownzinho Mendes

Results (Amateur)

1. Kaue Arujo
2. Gustavo Kennedy
3. Diego Pires
4. Kelsey Maximiano
5. Edu Baiano
6. Thomas Nascimento
7. Carlos Floripa
8. Doug Cater
9. Bruno Antunes
10. Aldo Abrantes


Article and photographs on Peso Skateboard website


Isamu Yamamoto’s 1st place run (Professional)

Kaue Araujo’s 1st place run (Amatuer)

Gustavo Kennedy’s 2nd place run (Amateur)

Tai Tai’s run

Footage from the contest