First Annual Fun ā€˜nā€™ Fun Skateboard Championships 1978Location: Clearwater, Florida, USA

Event Information

This event took place at the Clearwater Skatepark on March 11th to 12th 1978. Amateur freestylers from 17 states competed in the event. The overall prize fund for the event was almost $5,000 and the overall winning team of the day was the Sims East team.

Results (Professional)

1. Mike Noonan
2. Scott Thomas
3. Dave Bentley

Results (18 and over)

1. Chuck Lagana
2. Art Whitney
3. Dennis Walburn

Results (16 and 17)

1. Bobby Little
2. Mike Folmer
3. Alton Banks

Results (14 and 15)

1. Carew Carswell
2. Mark Robinson
3. Chris Benly

Results (13 and under)

1. Jeff Ragin
2. Kelly Lynn
3. Allen Benson


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