Freestyle Contest Brazil - Mike OstermanLocation: Suzano, Brazil

Event Information

This event was the second official Brazilian freestyle contest of the year and rook place on October 21st and 22nd in Suzano. Event coverage was provided by Broken Fingers, Skate Tribe Magazine, Skate Championships and Street Scream, with Mike Osterman making the trip to the event and being the only international rider in attendence.

Results (Pro)

1 Mike Osterman
2 Kauê de Araújo
3 Matheus Navarro
4 Rogério Antigo
5 Brownzinho Mendes
6 Marcos Toshiro
7 Isnard da Rocha

Results (Amateur)

1. Charles Ribeiro
2. Vinicius Dantas
3. Tavinho
4. Luca Chiossi
5. Wesley
6. Fábio Napoleão
7. Bruno França
8. Guilherme Carioca
9. Igor
10. Flavio
11. Leo
12. Gustavo
13. Felipe

Results (Masters)

1. Edmar Marroca
2. Paulo Folha Citrangulo
3. André do Ipiranga
4. Osmar Fossa
5. Cicero Braz
6. Tai Tai
7. Mauricio Kisuco
8. Paulo Daniel
9. Alexandre

Results (360 Spins)
1. Charles Ribeiro (22.5 spins)

Results (Longest Coco Wheelie)

1. Matheus Navarro (17.8m)

Results (Best Trick)

1. Vinicius Dantas (Handstand Flip)


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Event Highlights montage, Day 1

Vinicius Dantas, 2nd place run (amateur)

Event Photo Gallery. Photography by Matheus Navarro
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