Great Canadian Open 1981 - Kevin HarrisLocation: Vancouver, Canada

Event Information

This event, also known as tbhe Great Canadian Open 1981, was arranged by Canadian Pro-Am Skateboard Association President Monty Little. Entrants were able to win their share of $2500 worth of trophies and prizes donated by local businesses. Russ Howell was the event’s MC

Results (Professional)

1. Kevin Harris
2. Mike Blake
3. Hans Reif

Results (Sponsored 16 and Under)

1. Mike Lien
2. Mark “Gator” Rogowski
3. Lester Kasai

Results (Unsponsored Senior Men)

1. Mark Gilmore

Results (Unsposored 14-16)

1. Cameron Bachynski
2. Chris Guild

Results (Professional 360 Spins)

1. Kevin Harris

Results (Professional High Jump)

1. Kevin Harris

Results (Unsponsored 360 Spins)

1. Carlos Longo

Results (Unsponsored High Jump)

1. Brent “Brutus” Williams


Article in Thrasher Magazine


Footage from the Event

Gallery containing photos from the event on CalSkate website