1 Etapa Brasileiro de Freestyle 2009Location: Sao Paulo, Brazil

Event Information

This event was arranged by the newly formed USF (Union of Freestyle Skaters) and took place on February 14th 2009. The event was originally scheduled for December but rearranged due to adverse weather conditions. 360 Spin and Best Trick contests were also scheduled to take place, but were ultimately cancelled dueto poor weather on the day. This contest adhered to the standard WFSA contest guidance, sticking to the traditional 2 minute run format.

Results (Professional)

1. Rene Shigueto
2. Fabiano Passarinho
3. Marcos Toshiro
4. Fábio Jaspion
5. Per Canguru
6. Lúcio Flávio
7. Isnard Rocha
8. Vinícius Acquaman
9. Diego
10. Alexandre Brownzinho

Results (Amateur)

1. Lucas Mansano
2. Klaus Magalhães
3. Elder Jaspinho
4. Juliano Fritz
5. Pedrosa
6. Mathias Palitinho
7. Baratão
8. Lucas Fraga
9. Carlos César
10. Carioca

Results (Masters)

1. Rogério Antigo
2. Paulo Folha
3. Cesar Gyrão
4. Luciano Kid
5. Cícero Braz


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Event Highlights Montage

Event Highlights Montage 2

Rene Shigueto and Fabiano Passarinho. 1st and 2nd place runs, Professional

Lucas Mansano, 1st place run, Amateur

Lucio Flavio – 6th place run, Professional
Fabio Jaspion and Marcos Toshiro – 4th and 3rd place run
Matheus Navarro – 6th place run, Amateur
Andre G Albetine – 15th place run, Amateur