Rodney Mullen Del Mar Skateboard 1983Location: Del Mar Skate Ranch, California, USA

Event Information

This event was the final event in the Southern California World Series of Skateboarding Contest Series. As streetstyle skateboarding was beginning to thrive, freestylers were banned from performing vertical or streetstyle moves in their routines under threat of disqualification. This contest was originally planned to be Rodney Mullen’s final freestyle competition, however he would return within 1 year.

Results (Professional)

1. Rodney Mullen
2. Per Welinder
3. Kevin Harris
4. Shane Rouse
5. Per Holknekt
6. Keith Butterfield
7. Primo Desiderio
8. Tony Magnusson
9. Tony Hawk

Results (Amateur)

1. Ray Gardea
2. Bob Schmelzer
3. Matt Richards
4. Jason Catalano
5. Bill Schwarzbaugh
6. Ernie Ocampo
7. Adrian Demain
8. Dave Tucker
9. Pete Finlan
10. Gary Sanderson
11. Joe Johnson
12. Henry Sarria
13. Diane Veerman
14. Eric Sanderson
15. David Mock


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Article written by Michael H Saffire