Hang Ten World Pro-Am Skateboard Championships 1975Location: Los Angeles, California, USA

Event Information

This was the first Hang Ten World Skateboard Championship event and took place at the Los Angeles Sports Arena on September 20th to 21st 1975.

Results (Professional Freestyle – Men)

1. Bruce Logan
2. Tom Sims
3. Stacy Peralta

Results (Freestyle – Men)

1. Ed Nadalin
2. Wentzle Ruml
3. Steve Picciolo

Results (Freestyle – Junior Men)

1. Jay Adams
2. Roy Jamison
3. Andy Pryciak

Results (Professional Freestyle – Women)

1. Robin Alaway
2. Desiree Von Essen
3. Andrea Malczewski

Results (Freestyle – Junior Women)

1. Francine Hill
2. Julie Douglas
3. Carol Mapson


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Tom Sims’ 2nd place run