Hang Ten Olympics 1978 - Freestyle Skateboarding ContestLocation: Magic Mountain, Valencia, California, USA

Event Information

This freestyle and slalom event was held at the Magic Mountain amusement park. The freestyle contest was held indoors in the Contempo Pavillion, attracting the largest number of female freestyle skateboarders to a contest to date.

Results (Senior Men)

1. Kevin Watkins
2. John Strazichich
3. Tony Howlett
4. Denny Franklin
5. Mike Robinson

Results (Junior Men)

1. Matt Barden
2. Tom Spratt
3. Chris Larsen
4. Warren Sellers
5. Tony Shutts

Results (Boys)

1. Larry Barden
2. Phil Jetton
3. David Dollette
4. Bob Rusk
5. Kim Taylor

Results (Senior Women)

1. Vickie Vickers

Results (Junior Women)

1. Suzette Owens
2. Jana Payne
3. Cindy Whithead
4. Jackie Jones
5. Lynnette Fraas

Results (Girls)

1. Bunny Price
2. Gina Esparza
3. Pattie Hoffman
4. Bonnie Votaw


Results and Article in Skateboarder Magazine