Del Mar Freestyle Skateboard 1975Location: Del Mar, USA

Event Information

This event was held on April 26th & 27th and featured in the Dogtown & the Z-Boys documentary as the first major competition for the infamous Zephyr Team. Despite not taking the top spots, Jay Adams, Tony Alva and Stacy Peralta became skating celebrities overnight following this event.

Results (Women’s Freestyle)

1. Peggy Oki
2. Robin Logan
3. Michele Brunot

Results (Junior Men’s Freestyle)

1. Steve Piccoilo
2. Ty Page
3. Jay Adams
4. Tony Alva

Results (Senior Men’s Freestyle)

1. Russ Howell
2. Skitch Hitchcock
3. Bob Mohr-Independent
4. Bruce Logan


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Ty Page’s 2nd place run

Jay Adams’ 3rd place run

Tony Alva’s 4th place run

Stacy Peralta’s run

Extra contest footage