Contest Format

The UK Freestyle Round Up is building on the successful 1 minute “battle format”formula used at the World Round Up, providing each rider with four 1 minute runs. These will be taken in blocks of two, back to back, meaning riders 1 minute routines will last for 2 minutes at a time in what is commonly referred to as the “Deathmatch overkill format”.

The Best Trick contest will be held as a standalone event with each rider having 3 opportunities to land their best trick. The Game of Skate will also be held as a separate event. A full list of the Game of Skate “rules” can be found here.

If you would like to skate to your own music, please bring along your music choice on a pen drive or CD and we will blast it out on a ghetto boombox for you. If you do not want to skate to your own music, you can pick a song we already have available or we will derive great pleasure in choosing a ludicrous and/or offputting track for you.

Contest Area

The contest surface will be grippy and smooth, ideal for freestyle skateboarding. The area is on a slight incline, however not to a degree where technical truck or rail tricks will not be possible. The only noticeable impact of the incline is a slight increase or decrease of speed depending on the direction in which you are travelling. If you would like to see the surface in use, check out the video below.

In the event of rain, the event will be relocated to a covered area. The covered area is around 3 by 6 metres in size and paved. It is not the easiest surface to skate but in the event of rain it will suffice.

Contest Entry Fee

The Pro/Am freestyle contest will have an entry fee of £5. The Freestyle Game of Skate will have an entry fee of £5. Entry to the Best Trick contest is free. Entry to the freestyle events is paid on the day of the event.

Camping is available at the event at a cost of £10 for the Saturday night, which can be booked here.

Freestylers will also need to pay an insurance contribution of £5 if they are competing in any discipline. For riders in the Summer Swine Stomp longboarding events, this is already covered in their entry fees. If you are interested in entering any of the longboarding events, visit the event page for sign up and cost information:

To summarise, if you want to compete in the Pro/Am Freestyle Contest, Best Trick, Freestyle Game of Skate and camp, the event will cost £25.00.


The prize fund for both the Pro/Am contest and Game of Skate will be comprised of the entry fees from competing riders and divided amongst the top 3 placing freestylers as follows:

1st: 60% of pot
2nd: 25% of pot
3rd: 15% of pot
Last: Double your entry fee back!

The prize for the Best Trick Contest will be provided by LateTricks; £10 for Best Trick, £5 for Runners Up.


The judging panel will be comprised of 5 of the competing freestylers on the day of the event, reminiscent of the judging undertaken in previous British Freestyle Contests. Each rider’s run will be scored out of 100, with 25 points attributed to technicality, style, variety and consistency. The top 3 scores from the judges will be added together for a total score out of 300.

In the event of a tie, a showdown will take place between the tying riders, undertaking a final two 1 minute routines routine to be judged by the other riders.

The Best Trick contest will be judged by means of a vote between the competing riders.

The Freestyle Game of Skate will be overseen by an independent “referee”

If you have any questions, send over an email via our contact page.