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LateNews - Spring to Summer freestyle skateboarding news 2016

LateNews: Summer 2016

The summer of 2016 brought us some truly incredible freestyle from across the globe, with major contests in Canada, Germany, Sweden and, to a lesser extent, the UK. The good weather has also welcomed a plethora of high quality and unique video parts, including one from the man himself, Rodney …

LateNews - Freestyle Skateboarding News

LateNews: January-March 2016

The cold, rainy winter season finally seems to be over as we move into a glorious freestyle-filled springtime with plenty of contests, demos and jams yet to come. 2016 has seen an exciting start to the competitive freestyle scene with three contests already having taken place and a stellar professional …

LateNews - Freestyle Skateboarding News Summer 2015

LateNews May – August 2015

What a summer it’s been. Freestyle skateboarders from all over the globe have been throwing down some truly incredible skating in an impressive array of contests, demonstrations and epic video parts. Meanwhile, the freestyle industry has grown exponentially, as more and more mainstream companies and figureheads are beginning to notice …

LateNews - Freestyle skateboard news

LateNews January-April 2015

After an overly-long absence and the many requests of our readers, LateNews is back for 2015! LateNews pulls together all of the latest news, contest results and top videos from a 4 month span into one handy bitesize article! Freestyle Contest News 2015 has gotten off to an exciting start …


LateNews March-April

After making it through a dreadful winter, spring has arrived and freestylers across the world have stepped back on their boards and ventured outside. Over the past few months, we’ve seen the first freestyle contest of 2014, increased coverage for freestyle and a whole host of incredible video parts. General …

Contest Article

Win an Almost Skateboard

Since the LateTricks website was launched back in March 2013, we have strived to support the growth and development of the freestyle skateboarding community. To this day, this continues to be our aim, and we are excited to offer a new opportunity to share your skating with the world and …


LateNews January-February

The first few months of the year are usually pretty quiet, the wind, rain and snow working in tandem to ruin any conceivable chance of a decent skate. Surprisingly, this doesn’t appear to have slowed down the freestylers of the world, who have continued to release new video parts and …